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Honors Fashion Design Students Prepare for Their Last Showcase

Deondra Ricketts

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Nauset Regional High School will be holding its annual fashion show as well as a gallery art display featuring works from students in all of the art departments on May 24 in the school’s auditorium. Headed by Jane McGown, this year’s fashion show is considered to be “the best one yet,” said senior Merit Brent.

The Honor’s Fashion Design group is planning a major surprise for its audience this year, as they are in the process of creating a matching outfit for themselves and a child model of their choice.
“This year’s fashion show will be like no other,” exclaimed Nauset senior Samantha Tarbokas.

The show will be a significant upgrade from previous years, due to the fact that almost all of the students have taken the class for at least one year before this, and all of the seniors involved, including myself, have taken the class for all four years.

Our creativity is not only about picking a beautiful fabric. Whether it’s adding darts, or designing something completely different from the initial plan, the designers put a lot more effort into the details of their pieces.
“The show is going to be a manifestation of all of the skills and tricks we have gathered over the past four years,” expressed senior Sabrina Kane.

With all of the challenging plans laid out by the fashion design students, the issue now becomes time management abilities. The difficulty is always in the details, which includes inserting buttons, zippers, or a lining. For example, Sabrina Kane is making the most intricate white polka dot filled, pink jumper, decorated with ruffles made of chiffon and cut outs for her children’s design project.

“Sabrina’s design is impeccably sewn and it’s the perfect color for her miniature model,” expressed senior Emily Colley.

Every year, the design students face the stress of trying to finish every garment on time. Some students even work up until the last hour before the show in order to have as many pieces as possible. The plan is to avoid this dilemma altogether, and the young designers have been working diligently.

“I am amazed by what I have been able to accomplish even though it is my first year taking this class,” exclaimed Tashica Moodie.

Seniors Merit Brent and Sabrina Kane plan on pursuing fashion design as a career, and will be attending universities in the fall with this major in mind.

Sewing makes you feel good. Sewing teaches you to be patient and focused, and for that reason I hope that as the seniors leave, more young designers with a flair for fashion will come along and fall in love with this art in the same way that we all did.

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Nauset Seniors’ Last Walk