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Get Out of the House to Watch Get Out in a Movie Theater Near You

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I’m not a big movie person, but Get Out is a must see horror, comedy, and thriller movie. Directed by Jordan Peele, the film just passed the coveted $100 million box-office mark.  

It also a commentary on racism in America.

The story focuses on an interracial couple, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams). After dating for 7 months, Rose decides is time for him to meet her parents. Chris is nervous to meet her family since he is African American.

Once arriving to the house, Chris is disturbed to find that Rose’s family has a two black “servants” who act like zombies. While Chris is trying to get that through his mind, Rose’s mother hypnotized him and blames Chris’s mother death on him, making Chris feel like he was in the bottom of a deep pit. At that moment Chris tried politely to leave the house, but there was no escaping the fact that everyone in the family turned on him.  

When they were driving through an urban area in the woods, out of nowhere a flying deer slams their car and takes out a side mirror. Rose pulls over immediately. While she is trying to control herself, Chris walks away to look at the deer. He looked directly into the deer’s eye and had a strange vibe. This was the first creepy scene of the movie.

Rose calls the police and while the officer was questioning the scene, he asked Chris for his ID, even though he wasn’t driving.  This was racial profiling.

Nauset Senior Mackenzie Meads commented, “Get Out freaked me out, and made me realize how black people have to worry about appearance while I never had to.”

In the film, when Chris and Rose finally arrived at Rose’s parents’ house her father says to Chris, “If I could I would’ve voted for Obama for the third time.” Akeem Atkinson, Nauset Senior, says he enjoyed the movie Get Out because, “It was a comedy about race and partially scary.”

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Get Out of the House to Watch Get Out in a Movie Theater Near You