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Rappers Giving Back

Akeem Atkinson, Author

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Rappers are doing more than just making rhymes, dropping albums, performing concerts, and partying in clubs. They have a social conscience and give back to the community.

Chance The Rapper


Chance The Rapper has a huge heart when it comes to spreading love to the kids of his Chicago community, and makes sure to point out to the youngsters that an education is a key to success.


Chicago public school students are suffering from poor educational opportunities, and the governor of Illinois is not paying attention. So, Chance The Rapper stood up and fought back in support of the schools.

Chicago schools aren’t the best. Too many students drop out and end up doing drugs or even going to jail for crime. About 392,285 students attend Chicago District Schools.  86% of Chicago public students are low income. Across the country, school districts, on average, spend $11,000 per student for their education; whereas, Chicago only spends $7,946 per student.

This results in a politics of hopelessness and chronic violence.

Chance The Rapper stated  “This check that I donated is a call to action, I’m challenging major companies in Chicago and all across the U.S. to take action.”

Michelle Obama then tweeted “Thanks @chancetherapper for giving back to the Chicago community, which gave us so much. You are an example of the power of arts education.” Chance felt very blessed that First Lady Obama thanked him.

Chance The Rapper just donated $2 million more, and inspired the Chicago Bulls and others to contribute.

Kendrick Lamar

Across the United States, rappers are making a difference.

On the east coast, in New Jersey,  Kendrick Lamar has donated money to various shelters including those for the homeless and battered women, but he’s given his personal time too to help uplift the next generation.

A few hours after his Summer Jam performance, K. Dot stopped by High Tech High School in North Bergen, New Jersey, and listened to kids drop their poems and freestyles.
The Compton MC visited the school after learning that one of the teachers used lyrics from “To Pimp a Butterfly” to breakdown comparisons to Toni Morrison’s  novel The Bluest Eye.

Lamar stated “NWA motivated me to become a rapper and a better person.” Kendrick also said that he wanted to change kids’ lives because growing up he didn’t have a lot of freedom, so he wanted to make a difference.


Rappers don’t always go back to their hometowns; however, they sometimes try their best to give back. Many people stereotype rappers by saying “ oh they always be partying and going to strip clubs and drinking and all that,” which is partly true, but it’s not like they aren’t doing anything good with what they have.




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Rappers Giving Back