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A New Life on Cape Cod

Mathieu Theberge, 2016

Mathieu Theberge, 2016

Mathieu Theberge, 2016

Cam Cummins, Author

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ORLEANS, Mass.- Mathieu Theberge grew up in Maryland, far from where he lives now; however, halfway through middle school, in 2012, he and his family moved to Cape Cod.

Theberge knows first hand that growing up can be a different experience for everyone, especially if the life you’re so used to is torn apart. “You end up getting more quite than you thought you’d be. Also, you end up missing friends and things your school has that the new school lacks,” Theberge said.

Theberge’s old life in Maryland differed vastly from his Cape Cod life. His old middle school has recess; however, he was discouraged when he finished his last year at Nauset Regional Middle School without recess. Also, Theberge explains how his bus ride was close to an hour in Maryland rather than roughly thirty minutes in Cape Cod.

“I miss quite a few things from my homeland such as friends, my old house, the weather and the land. When I first moved to Cape Cod, it was hard to make new friends. However, as time passed I was able to make quite a few,” Theberge said.

Theberge was very close to his friends and family in Maryland. In fact, he would often hang out with his friends on a daily basis. “The Community is the one thing I miss the most, my friends lived just a few houses away, and in my town everyone knew each other very well,” he said.

“When I moved to Cape Cod, I picked up the hobby of basketball. I have never played on a team; however, often I play with some friends and family. Also, I enjoy playing video games,” he said.

“After high school, I plan to attend UC Davis in California in order to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. At Nauset Regional High School, I took many science classes including Advanced Placement Physics, which happens to be my favorite class,” Theberge explained.

Mathieu Theberge is devoted and lets nothing stand in his way of his dream career.  

“Senior year has been my favorite year so far at Nauset High School because it has been the most relaxed, and also I feel the most comfortable,” Matt said.

Theberge has traveled to quite a few places; however, he explains how his favorite place he as traveled is California, though Maryland is his second favorite place. “My dad lives in California, so I made sure to pick a college near him. Also California is beautiful. I have been there at least a dozen of times,” Theberge explained.

“If I could live anywhere, I think I would have to live in Lake Tahoe, California, or possibly somewhere in Colorado. For me, the mountains are very peaceful,” Theberge said.

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A New Life on Cape Cod