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Lynch sails solo on Little Pleasant Bay in Orleans

Lynch sails solo on Little Pleasant Bay in Orleans

Lynch sails solo on Little Pleasant Bay in Orleans

Nicole Gordon, Author

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EASTHAM, Mass.- Christian Lynch, a senior in high school and a four year varsity sailor, began his final year of competitive sailing this week. He has been sailing for eight years and has pursued sailing as a hobby, a sport, and a job.

Lynch was born on Cape Cod and is the youngest of five children. His two sisters and two brothers are all considerably older than him. Lynch’s parents, who are both from Boston, met at the local UMass and moved to the Cape to raise a family. His mother is a real estate agent while his father owns a cleaning business.

A sarcastic, modest, and intelligent person, Lynch leads a busy life both on and off the water but stays relaxed in everything he does. According to Sharon Richards, one of Lynch’s close family friends and a “second mother” to him, Lynch is “one of the most easy going kids [she] knows.”

Lynch started sailing when he was 11 years old, following in his older sisters’ footsteps. Growing up, Lynch was heavily involved with athletics and played soccer, basketball, and baseball, but never imagined himself out on the water. Although his mom urged him to try sailing when he was 7, he didn’t agree to do it until four years later.

Since then, Lynch has been very successful in his sailing career at Nauset Regional High School. He received the Up and Coming Sailor Award freshman year, was the MVP junior year, and is now a senior captain on a team of 23 people. He is especially proud of placing third in a Cat Gathering since he had never sailed a catboat prior to the meet.

This season, the Nauset sailing team has 13 meets around the Cape and Islands. Coming off a winning 8-3 season last year, the Warriors aim to continue that trend in 2017. Although they lost ten seniors last year, the developing team started the season well with a 1-0 win over Sturgis East.

In regattas, Lynch’s favorite part is the team racing because he enjoys being on the water with his fellow Warriors and using tactics that require multiple boats. When racing with a group, Lynch has the opportunity to employ a variety of strategic maneuvers that block the other team’s boats while allowing his own teammates to advance. The sailing rulebook is detailed and complex, and Lynch often uses the rules to his advantage to pass the other team.

Each boat carries two people: the skipper, who steers the boat, and the crew, who controls the two front sails. Lynch is a skipper and sails with his co-captain Emory Abar.

Lynch has continued his passion for sailing through his summer job. For the past four years, he has worked at the Namequoit Sailing Association in Orleans, Mass., teaching kids how to sail. When Lynch was younger, he learned to sail through Namequoit. After gaining enough experience, Lynch was able to become a counselor.

Last summer, Lynch saved a child from drowning. The child jumped into the water for a swim test but was terrified and started crying. Unable to keep himself afloat, the young student struggled to stay above the water and bobbed up and down beneath the surface. Before the situation turned dangerous, however, Lynch jumped into the water and pulled the child back onto the boat.

Next year, Lynch will be a student in the Isenberg School of Business at UMass Amherst. He wants to major in finance and go on to be a financial advisor in New York, but he also entertains idealistic dreams of becoming a doctor or a lawyer. He has chosen not to pursue varsity sailing in college but may join a club team so he can practice on a regular basis and continue to do the sport he’s loved for nearly a decade.

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