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Sawyer Bengston and Business Ethics

                                          Here Sawyer sits at his favorite beach in Brewster where he grew up.

Here Sawyer sits at his favorite beach in Brewster where he grew up.

Here Sawyer sits at his favorite beach in Brewster where he grew up.

Luke Steinmetz, Author

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NORTH EASTHAM, Mass.– Nauset Regional High School student Sawyer Bengston is an aspiring businessman. Ever since his early years of high school, Bengston has taken business classes and challenging math classes to help him prepare for the business world. Next year Bengston will be attending Endicott College where he will major in business and minor in business ethics.  

Bengston found a love of business  through watching his dad and other family members working in this field. Bengston especially became interested in the field of business when he began working for his friend’s lobstering company and got to watch how the operation worked to maximize profit with as few expenses as possible. Bengston also enjoyed partaking in the negotiations when selling the lobsters at wholesale markets.

Bengston has lived in Brewster all his life but has also spent a lot of time at his home away from home in New Hampshire. Despite living in the same town his whole life, he has done a lot of traveling around the country. Bengston and his family have gone on many skiing and camping trips all throughout New England in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Bengston has also been to Quebec where he enjoyed exploring the city and learning the French culture. Bengston enjoys the south as well, where he has vacationed in Myrtle Beach and Florida to golf and enjoy the sunshine. These experiences have helped Bengston to work hard towards his career in business so that he can continue to take time to vacation.

Bengston also has a two older brothers. His oldest brother Nick is a veteran of the Marine Corps and spent five years in the service. Now he has a job on Cape Cod and enjoys living in the town that he grew up in. Bengston’s other older brother Dylan is currently in the Navy and is deployed on the U.S.S. Baton somewhere in the Middle East. Bengston lives with his mother and father as well as his dog named Dezerae. Bengston’s family has helped him pursue his dream of becoming a businessman and have been very supportive.

Outside of his studies, Bengston enjoys fishing the freshwater ponds around the Cape with his friends. Once the summer comes around, he enjoys chasing the bigger fish out in the ocean. Sawyer is also an avid golfer and was part of the gold team at Nauset High School. Sawyer also enjoys off roading with his friends all throughout Cape Cod. When not outside Sawyer also enjoys going to the city and exploring the shops and stores. These activities help to relieve the stress on Sawyer from all his challenging classes.

In the summers, Sawyer works for Captains Golf Course where he aids in golf course maintenance and other various tasks.  At the end of his work day, Sawyer goes out and does commercial fishing and lobstering on his friend’s boat. Sawyer hopes to one day be able to apply the business lessons he has learned from his summer job to his future jobs in the business fields.

Bengston’s boss Jay Packet said, “Sawyer is both our youngest worker and our hardest worker here at Captains golf course.” This is the kind of work ethic that will help Sawyer Bengston excel in his business career.

Bengston looks up to Chevy Chase as a role model because he once said, “Keep chasing your dreams.” This advice influenced Sawyer to keep pursuing his dreams and try hard while having fun at the same time. Sawyer’s main goal as a child was to attend college and “make bank.” He hopes to complete both these goals within the next couple years and to be successful in his business career.

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Sawyer Bengston and Business Ethics