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Sara Trauterman, left, and Nicole Gordon, right, compete in their run for the regional title.

Sara Trauterman, left, and Nicole Gordon, right, compete in their run for the regional title.

Sara Trauterman, left, and Nicole Gordon, right, compete in their run for the regional title.

Christian Lynch, Author

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BREWSTER, Mass.- Sara Trauterman, a senior at Nauset High, has seen her jump rope talent take her to the national stage, where she hopes to find herself again this summer.

Sara Trauterman was born in New Bedford, only to soon move to Cape Cod. Growing up, Sara was always more active than most girls her age- others often envied her for her natural athletic talent.

Sara’s favorite pastime as a kid was riding her bike with friends, which she did every day when the weather permitted. Even with biking it became clear that, with her athletic talent, Sara was destined to become a great jump roper when she joined the team in first grade.

In first grade, Sara became a member of the Brewster Bayside Skippers, a group that has produced some of the most talented jump ropers in the nation. In the ensuing years on the team, Sara worked hard and diligently on honing her skills, even at such a young age.

“She always seemed to care more about the sport than other girls her age, and this may have been because she was always much better than other girls,” said coach of eight years, John Hammond. Even though Sara was young, Hammond knew that Sara had a talent that not many had.

Sara’s love of jumping earned her a coveted spot of the nationally recognized Bayside Skippers. This was the next step in Sara’s jump rope career, providing her the opportunity to compete with teams across the region and even the nation.

The competition team not only became an important step in Sara’s jumping career, but also led to a friendship that is thriving to this day. Sara Trauterman joined forces with Nicole Gordon and remains with her jump partner to this day.

It didn’t take long for the duo to make a name for themselves. With a year of hard work under their belt, they entered their second year with an unshakable confidence. And in just their second year on the competition team, the young duo won first in the region.

“I remember shocking everyone when we won the region in only our second year competing,” said Nicole Gordon. Sara had a work ethic that wouldn’t allow the duo to lose their title of first in the region. And sure enough, eight years later, the duo has yet to forfeit their title of first in the region.

With first in the region each year, the two are eligible to compete in Nationals, where only the best from each region are invited. Sara has traveled all across the country to attend Nationals. Most recently, she attended competitions held in California, Texas, and Florida, to name a few.

Sara, with her partner Nicole, has twice placed fourth at Nationals, earning the pair an invitation to Grand Nationals, the most prestigious jump roping tournament in all the land. At this high stakes competition, the duo placed sixth place, a commendable accomplishment.

Though Sara is one of the best out there in what she does, it by no means came with little effort. While many sports last only a few months, jump roping takes place for more than half of the year, from November to July. Each week, Sara and her fellow Bayside Skipper practice a few times for multiple hours. The achievements Sara has won have a significant amount of hard work behind them.

Coming into her senior year of high school, Sara still spends half of the year jump roping. Since November, Sara has been preparing for what’s going to be another successful year of jump roping. In just a few months, Sara hopes to find herself at Grand Nationals, a feat she’s only accomplished once.

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Eat, Sleep, Jump