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Step Up Day Chaos

Many students are finding more errors than normal in their class schedules for the 2017-2018 school year, causing significant problems for both staff and students.

Kathryn Smith, Author

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EASTHAM, Mass. – Step-Up Day at Nauset Regional High School seemed to many to be unusually disoriented this year, leaving students wondering how everything went quite so wrong.

Step-Up Day, the annual event at Nauset Regional High School where all students (including those from the Nauset Regional Middle School and Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School) receive their class schedules for the upcoming year, tends to be fairly hectic. This year, however, most students claimed chaos more extreme than normal in terms of class schedules, last minute changes to how the day was run, and problems with the accuracy of class locations.

Scheduling errors seemed the most prominent and widespread problem. Around 150 guidance appointments had to be made for schedule changes — approximately one fifth of the school population when not including the various changes made on the spot for the rising freshmen — student Joanna Holleck was told when she went to make an appointment with her guidance counselor. The guidance office is now booked about a week out for appointments.

Sarah Pike, a rising senior, noted a few particular errors in her schedule: “I’m signed up for two pre-calc classes. Why on earth would I need two pre-calc classes?”

Additional errors for various students included that they were signed for multiple gym classes (as many as four, in one case), had the same class three blocks in a row, and wanted to take both AP Chemistry and AP Calculus but were unable to so, due to the fact that they are both scheduled to take place during the same block, A1.

One student even cited an inability to graduate if given their current schedule because of the lack of certain core classes required for graduation.

There are numerous reasons for the disorder. In part, it is thanks to the fact that this is the first year scheduling classes for individuals has been attempted online. This means that students were unable to make requests for back-up electives and therefore many ended up without any of the classes they wanted to take.

Additionally, Robin Walker, a former school employee who retired a few years ago but continued until this year to work on scheduling after her retirement, had made up class schedules for almost 20 years. After leaving, the scheduling was left to be done by someone who had less experience with the scheduling process.

Rumors circulating suggest that the administration may completely re-do the class schedules. However, these rumors have not yet been verified and are not likely to come true.

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Step Up Day Chaos