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Newly Issued Student Lanyards

Student Identification Cards Create a Divide Between Administration and Students

Emma Lang, Editor/Writer

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As students settled into the daily routine of the new school year, it was announced that each student would be issued a Nauset student identification card color coded by grade with a lanyard.

Assistant Principal Sean Fleming attests that the identification card will help identify Nauset students and faculty, and allow everyone to know each other’s name. Student I.D.s at Nauset are not new; however, having them on a lanyard and wearing them around campus will be a change.

Assistant Principal Keith Kenyon added, “We have not made the student ID badges mandatory as of yet. [Students] have the option of changing the lanyard, or using a clip to attach to a belt, pocket or backpack.”

Officer Carrie DeAngelo commended that the identification cards would help her by,  “easily [identifying] everyone that was here [on campus]… it would also have their names, birthdates, and grades on them … and put a name with a face.”

Assistant Principal Kenyon explained the impetus for the new cards, saying, “It all started with the initiative generated by our safety committee that includes police, firefighters, school officials, and administrators. Since the tragic events in some schools over the past years, it is even more important that emergency responders be able to identify who students are immediately, and who should be on campus as well as who should not be.”

Students had never been asked to have their student identification on them before this recommendation by the Nauset Regional High School Crisis Committee, but Kenyon said that most schools switched to lanyards because they are more visible and not shoved in the students’ backpacks.

Assistant Principal Fleming added, “We don’t want anything to happen to you guys.”

However, on picture day, September 13, junior Gabe Duff joked, “Get ready to take the picture you will have to wear around your neck for the rest of the year.”

Students have expressed mixed feelings over having to wear lanyards. Meghan Garran admitted, “I think it’s fine to have it on our person, but having to wear them is ridiculous.”

Ben Niggel understood the the reasoning of administration, and didn’t see them as a burden, “Of course having to wear identification cards with lanyards isn’t something I am looking forward to. However, we live in a time where school security, especially in an open campus, is a real issue that needs to be addressed. I support any reasonable measures taken by the Nauset Administration and the Nauset School Committee to better protect faculty and students.”

Student lanyards will be a transition for the students at Nauset Regional High School, but like with any life changes, people will eventually adapt.

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Newly Issued Student Lanyards