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Nauset Sailing Team Takes Back Their Spot on Top

Douglas Karlson, Reporter

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This year, Nauset’s varsity sailing team is stronger than ever. With three senior skippers paired with experienced crews, there is little that stands in the way of Nauset’s winning season. Aidan Biondi, Tim Burns, and Douglas Karlson propel the team foreward as the starting line-up. All three sailors have been 4-year varsity sailors for

Nauset, and the chemistry they have developed together over the years is finally coming into effect with the start of this season. “These guys have been sailing together for four years, that’s a rarity in high school sports, and I think it will give us a good advantage over the competition” head coach Alexis Mathison said.

Nauset faced its three best competitors early on in the season, beginning with a triple against Barnstable and Martha’s Vineyard in FJ’s. A narrow and slow boat that has a different ideal weight distribution and sail configuration that Barnstable understood, and Nauset did not. Nauset lost against Barnstable, but defeated Martha’s Vineyard 3-2 away. Then Nauset went on to face its harshest competition, Bishop Stang. In unfamiliar waters, against a more experienced team, Nauset fought until the end, when they were gut wrenchingly defeated 0-3.

However, Nauset wasn’t demoralized. “We’ll get them next time” Varsity skipper Douglas Karlson said. Nauset is ready to face Barnstable and Bishop Stang in their own waters, Nauset went on to beat Sturgis 3-0. They face off against Monomoy next. Those Sharks better be ready to swim away with fear because Nauset refuses to lose again. With the hardest part of their season over, an away match against Bishop Stang, Nauset is ready to clinch the win in every upcoming regatta.

Captain Tim Burns said “Bishop Stang may have won when they were at home, but they better be ready to come to Nauset because we refuse to lose on our own turf.” The Biggest difference from Town Cove where Nauset sails and Bishop Stang’s waters is the seas. Town Cove is protected flat water, but Bishop Stang and Barnstable practice sailing in 4 foot seas, which is a difficult change in environment which nauset simply wasn’t prepared for.

Captain Aidan Biondi said “Barnstable barley beat us, in seas we weren’t used to and in boats we’ve never sailed before, they better practice racing 420’s because when they come to us, we won’t be going easy.”

While the future of Nauset sailing may be uncertain, we do know one thing for sure: Nauset is going to fight for every inch and work harder to make sure that nobody crosses the finish line before them. They have their gaze set on states, and very little is standing in their way. But for now, they’re focused on the next regatta.

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Nauset Sailing Team Takes Back Their Spot on Top