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Fanos is Here: Be Prepared

Are you ready for the end?

Osdaiver Perez, Reporter

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Movie Review of The Avengers: Infinity War

Ambitious and  grand-in-scale, the Marvel formula has worked again! Put in a new mix of new characters and one of the baddest villains from the marvel comics,Thanos- all in the hands of Kevin Feige and the Russo brothers, you have a masterpiece ready to flourish.

 Infinity War, is the second most expensive movie ever made, and for their efforts, Marvel cashed in the biggest opening weekend domestic and worldwide: 258 million domestic, and 620 million worldwide.

 The movie jumps right into it, as we are introduced to Thanos and the black order after the attack on Thor’s ship, which carried the remaining people of Asgard including Valkyrie, Korg and Meek, and other fan favorites. Thanos showed no mercy as he lay waste to the ship as Ebony Maw gave one of his creepy speeches to the dead and wounded.

 Watching the fight between Hulk and Thanos was epic as we all thought that hulk will be victories only to see thanos beat up hulk so bad that he was scared to come out for the rest of the film. Thanos is so powerful that he killed off Loki and Heimdall in a span of five minutes, which lead to many fans to cry out in horror.

 Many shocking deaths occurred during the film as Gamora hits the dust after being sacrificed by Thanos for the Soul Stone. We even saw the return of the red skull during the scene.

Vision gets his stone ripped from his head by Thanos in order to complete the gauntlet.

 I’ll spoil no more, please watch this movie! It’s great for anyone and you don’t need to watch all 18 Marvel movies before Infinity War; even though it would be a much better, and full experience.

Fans are left shocked throughout the film which is full of surprises, action pieces and well-timed jokes that never keep you bored. The movie plays with your emotions like no other film has done before(in my opinion). Fans are left stunned at the end of the film, as many fan favorite heros disappear like ash into thin air.

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Fanos is Here: Be Prepared