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NRHS Seniors Prepare to Start Their Journey of Life

John DiCenso, Reporter

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NORTH EASTHAM- 4 years ago, the class of 2018 at Nauset Regional High School started their high school career not exactly knowing what they would be doing after senior year. With less than a month until graduation, the seniors at NRHS are ready for the next part of their lives.

Guidance counselor Steve Boskus says that “Nauset sends around 1-3 students to Ivy League schools every year,” but this year around 6 Nauset seniors have been admitted to Ivy League schools which is a record number.

The continued journeys of Nauset seniors are not limited to the Ivy’s. The class of 2018 post-graduate plans include gap years, work, military service, and attending colleges everywhere from Massachusetts to California. Douglas Karlson told me that he “will heading to Florida A&M next fall as an NROTC marine option midshipman.”

Colin Nobili is very excited about his post graduate plans. “I will be taking a year off of college in order to devote my time to my love of surfing and road tripping to Costa Rica.”

Some students at Nauset chose not to further their education because they either already have jobs lined up, or they are involved in a family business. Owen Farrell said that “I will not be going to college because I am going to be working for my dad’s electrical company, and one day will be the boss.”

Whether it’s going to college, taking a gap year, or going right into the working world, this year’s graduating class at Nauset Regional High School has excelled on multiple levels, making the Nauset community proud.

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NRHS Seniors Prepare to Start Their Journey of Life